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Most Effective Mobile Application Development Trends

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All we know that number of mobile users is growing day by day. The number of mobile users is growing because these devices accomplish the needs without any difficulty like shopping, entertainment, safety and many more. This rising situation gives confidence the developers to make more suitable applications.
Here are few effective trends of mobile app development:
Cross-Platform app development
This application development technology offers the multi-level application development by that develops the application which can work on different platforms with the similar functionality and content. Furthermore, app developers must have vast information of coding. Eventually, this type of technology saves too much of your time and money, and it is the only reason why it is very famous in between the application developers.
Android on the top position
According to current scenario, it has been obvious that Android is thrashing almost all type of platforms and incessantly getting popularity. Currently, android covered almost 80% Smartphone market. According to this result, it is obvious that, app developers must go with the android platform to get more advantages.
Newest Wearable Technology
If talking about wearable technology then it is a term of umbrella for a complete variety of accessories and clothes which incorporate advanced electronic elements and computer. It is effectively planned to make it simple to be worn by the mobile phone users as evaluated to handheld technologies like tablets, Smartphone and Music players. These days, app developers in Melbourne should more concentrate on wearable mechanism apps evaluated to Smartphone applications to complete the need of the market.
Mobile based e-Commerce
These days, there are many clients accepting trend of mobile based e-Commerce and will be greater than before more in next some years. In its place of debit or credit cards, there are many people who like Smartphone to purchase the things and pay with the help of different applications that are available in attuned application stores. This type of trend is heartening the app developers to make mobile app for different possible platforms.
With the increasing variety of the mobile apps for the different purposes, the total numbr of hacking and information escape cases is even growing. Here security of mobile performs an important role, but still security of mobile application is a difficult task for the application developers.
Location and Beacon based Wi-Fi services
Beacon which effectively works on low energy Bluetooth and it brings a new aspect to the communication between customer and dealer. Its first version is available with Apple only. This amazing technology is in its starting stage so app developers have to develop more services based on Beacon for the different platforms. Likewise, app developers need to make more on services based on Wi-Fi.

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